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The American Urban Reader August 30, 2010

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After two and a half years of production, and a lifetime of reading, The American Urban Reader has been published.  Completing this book was akin to completing a second Ph.D. thesis, because for every article chosen, we read close to thirty or so articles.  The edition contains an opening essay on the history of urban history, which I hope launchs more introspection within urban history on the origins of this vigorous, yet not highly introspective, subfield.

 Let us know what you think about the new book as you use it.  I will share teaching tips and timely news articles that fit in well with the book on this blog.

See the link below for more on the book itself.  Let me know if you are using it in your classroom.


Fascinating Take on the “Best Cities”

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See the link below for a fascinating article, complete with graphs, on what constitutes a progressive or successful city.  Many of the cities that we currently emulate are startlingly white in their population make-up.  So have we erred in lauding these particular places? Places like Portland and Austin are unlike many major American cities in their demographics.